The 17 Biggest Excuses Why Most People Never Become Successful


How cool would it be to have nothing in your way.

To have a perfect path lay out in front of you, with no hurdles, walls or cracks.

We get 100s of new members each week in Your Success. Every single one of them wants to create success on their own terms and by their own definition..

They want to help people.
They want to make a real difference.
They want to be surrounded by successful people.
They want the lifestyle that comes with it all.

But the path ahead is not clear. And the biggest obstacle is –

Your excuses.

It’s easy to sit back and think of reasons why not to become a coach.

It’s not a straight forward path and it’s not right for everyone.

But for people who know they are ready to live a life of inspiration and purpose none of the “17 biggest excuses why most people never get started as a coach” will get it their way.

Excuse number one:

1.       It’s not the right time

This is one of my favourites. And it’s a good one.

There is no right answer. There is no perfect time. There will always be things getting in your way.

Firstly ask yourself “Why is it the wrong time”?

And secondly “When is that going to change”?

If you’re passionate about building a business that supports you and your family while helping people to achieve the best versions of themselves then it is the right time to get started today.


2.       I don’t know what I’d coach. I don’t have any experience

Coaching is an incredible industry because as you learn and grow so do your clients.

The more people you help, the more skills you gain, the bigger the change you can create.

No one expects you to be able to help everyone with every thing on day one. We all have to start somewhere and right now there is a client that needs you.


3.       But I already have a great job

Maybe you’re not ready to start your own practice yet. Or perhaps it really isn’t something you want.

Coaching can also be a great addition into your career.

It can help open doors, build ladders and free old baggage.

Coaching and its skills can help you to become a better leader and create the results your team has always dreamed of.


4.       I don’t have the business knowledge

Most people don’t.

Most people haven’t ever run their own business and they don’t know the first thing about marketing, sales or metrics.

That’s why it’s so important to have a system and community that supports you.

No one should go on this journey alone. Having a network of great friends and people who are experiencing the same challenges and triumphs can really help you on your journey.


5.       My friends and family don’t think I can do it

Everyone tries to protect the people they love.

It’s natural for the people who care about you to reach out do what they can to make sure you avoid risk.

But risk isn’t always dangerous and risk isn’t always worth avoiding.

Amazing things happen when people make decisions for themselves.

When they step out and do things differently.

When they start something they’ve wanted to do their entire life.


6.       I don’t have the cash, starting a business is expensive

Bricks and Mortar is expensive.

Starting a real world retailer or restaurant is a massive undertaking.

But what does it really take to start helping people and changing lives as a coach?

You don’t need a fancy office. You don’t need any equipment. You don’t need expensive advertising or a flashy website.

All you need is the skill and passion it takes to create extraordinary results for your clients.

You already have the passion. The Coaching Institute will help you with the skills.


7.       I don’t have the right people to support me

Building a network that supports and understands what you’re doing is tough.

I watch so many people try and take on this journey alone, only to feel lost and defeated within months.

But what if you could join a community that was already flourishing? That stood up for what mattered? Championed its members when they reached goals? And answered your questions whenever you needed it to?

What if this community was always your biggest supporter?


8.       What if I fail?

Get back up.

Get back up and do it again.

When you have the right people around you, getting back up is easy. You have what it takes to reach your goals. You just have to be willing to keep going.

More often than not the race is won by the last person standing.


9.       How will I manage everything on my own?

It’s true – Most small business owners wear a lot of different hats.

Maybe you’ll touch accounting, marketing, copywriting and even coaching 😉

As your business grows you’ll have more and more responsibilities. That’s when you can start bringing new people into your organisation. Start with the roles you struggle the most with. Outsource those. This will give you more time to focus on the parts of the business you love.


10.   Who would want to buy from me?

Great business success starts with confidence.

Your customers and client’s need you to believe in what you do, so that they can start believing in YOU.

Build up a base of methodologies, diagnostics and measures that give your clients tangible value from the beginning.

As you grow, expand your range and offer more and more complex services.


11.   “I’ll fail anyway, don’t 9 out of 10 businesses fail?”

Lots of small business’ fail.

Most of them, just because they never get off the ground.

Business is like a race.

Half the people never make it off the line.

The next quarter fall down at the first hurdle.

And in the end only the most persistent (not the fastest or strongest) survive.

Just keep showing up and before long you’ll find yourself at the winners circle.


12.   “I’m not great with computers/tech stuff”

You can always choose how you want to operate your business.

You don’t have the use computers all the time. You don’t have to be stuck in front of screen.

So many people have become part of our community and learned to love technology.
If it’s right for you, we can help you use it.


13.   “I don’t have time to build a business”

We’ve seen amazing people do incredible things. I know a student who has seven children and in between dance lessons, swimming, two school runs and taking care of the house absolutely rocks it with her clients.

She finds the time, because this matters to her. This is her dream. And this is about building a better life for her children.

When the reason why is big enough, you can always find a way.


14.   “There’s too much competition”

Coaching is competitive.

The game is tough.

But by giving yourself the head start you need with cutting edge methodologies and techniques no one has seen before, you can be a stand out in the market.

Using a ground breaking tool like Meta Dynamics can really make all the difference in ensuring your business attracts the best possible clients from the start.


15.   “I’m not smart enough”

Coaching success isn’t about how fast you read. What scores you got in high school. Or how high your IQ is.

We don’t do tests. We don’t encourage wrote learning. And we don’t expect massive essays.

To be a great coach, you need to be willing to go above and beyond for your clients. To fight for the change they deserve. And put in the work to learn the skills you need.


16.   I’ll make mistakes

Yes you will.

You’ll make them every single day.

That’s great. Keep making mistakes. And keep learning.


17.   How will I keep money coming in?

You don’t have to quit your job to start your coaching journey. The learning starts now. But we’ve made the course flexible and easy for anyone who works full time to manage all their commitments.

Our programs are completely progressive. You can start making money as a coach from day one. As soon as you feel comfortable helping people, get out there and make it happen. No waiting until graduation, or procrastinating until you’ve finished. Get started now.