The Power of Positivity

Positivity- Header 2Positive thinking can be defined as an optimistic or bright, mental and emotional approach to life. A positive person is more likely to anticipate happiness, health and success, and believe they can overcome obstacles or difficulties in their life. Some say, we are as happy as we choose to be. Whilst many believe adopting a positive mindset is not always an easy choice, it is really one of the most important things you can do to improve your life.

It is important to become aware of how our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and desires have a direct impact on our real life outcomes. You may notice how your thoughts effect your decisions, reactions and responses to what is happening in your life and continue to shape your future. It is therefore important to pay close attention to these and how you can best contribute to creating a positive mindset to shape your future.

5 Steps to Positive Thinking:

1. Tell yourself you can change: Believe that you are in control of your thoughts therefore have the power to change your life. Understand the relationship between change and personal growth. Inspire yourself to want to change by reading positive quotes and affirmations.

2. Stop comparing: Search for happiness within, rather than analyzing what is going on around you. Ignore what other people say or think about you. Stop worrying what others are up to, or questioning the successes in their lives. We are all living our own journeys. Focus on yourself first, and once you find happiness you naturally won’t worry about what’s going on the outside.

3. Refuel and re-energize: Whilst being tired can lead to physical exhaustion, it can also cause mental fatigue and drain the energy you need to control your thoughts and think positively. High stress levels and lack of nutrients can effect your nervous system and cloud your judgment. You have the ability to think clearer when you are rested so notice when you need a break, or take part in activities that relax and re-energize you. 6 4. Identify both the positive and negative: Be aware of your negative thoughts, but know that you have the ability to choose positive thoughts. Be aware of why particular thoughts may exist, and your intention and desire to change them. Understand the benefits of choosing positive thoughts over negative thoughts.

5. Seek Support: Seek support from people around you who are likely to influence and guide you positively. You may choose to reach out to friends, family or a professional. You’ll be surprised at the amount of help that is around you if you ask for it. (Macdonald, Katie 2014) 4 Taking steps to identify and control your thought patterns can provide you with the tools and foundation you need to transform your life. At The Coaching Institute, we believe ‘how we think shapes how we live’. For this reason, we have undertaken extensive research in examining the power of your thought process and how you can adopt a mindset that positively influences your life. In the Your Success program, discover our unique Meta Dynamics methodology which takes a deeper look into your thought process than traditional coaching. By better undestanding how your perception and thought process control your outer circumstances you will be able to adjust your thinking to create the life you desire!

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