Noppadon Tungwatcharin

Noppadon Tungwatcharin

My name is Noppadon Tungwatcharin or Nop as my friends call me. I live in Bangkok, Thailand, with my wife, Rak, and my daughter, Fah. I am now enjoying my life as a Success Coach & Trainer under my own brand, MAX Potentials.

With the skills I learned, I am now being asked to coach CEO, Vice Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers of several corporate in Thailand, bot locals and multinationals.

I also run series of workshops, starting from Leading ME to Success (focusing on unlocking and unleashing potentials inside each participant to achieve their desired success), Leading TEAM to Success (focusing on teaching & developing participants’ coaching skills), and lastly Leading CLIENTS to Success (focusing on using NLP to understand and serve the customers).

My aspiration is now to bring these life skills (life coaching & NLP) to the general public.

Thailand and its people will benefit so much from learning and applying these skills in their life. I have been inspired by Anthony Robbins and that is where I am going next.  I will be the Anthony Robbins of Thailand (or just call me AnthoNOP Robbins lol).

This journey has already started. I am proud to say that I did it – my own first public seminar “Drive to SUCCESS” on 4 December 2013, where almost 500 people came to learn how to reclaim their life and start living their dreams.

Thailand was once called “The Land of Smile” and I will bring the smiles back to Thai people once again.

My journey will continue and I am grateful to have good friends, teachers, mentors, and The Coaching Institute to walk with me along this journey.